Purpose of the organisation

Our purpose is to ensure excellence in educational practices through accreditation and supervision services for both new and established companies, schools, colleges and universities all over the world.

BEDAF accreditation is a multi-dimensional process through which experts in the field of education diagnose strengths and weaknesses of the institutions applying for accredited membership of the BEDAF Network, and provide them with a detailed report including their institutional characteristics as well as some practical suggestions from a universal perspective.

* BEDAF is not affiliated in any way to the British government, nor is it an NGO.

Accreditation Standards

The applicant organisation is initially expected to revise what the official standards require of the programme in terms of the educational context which the institution belongs to or functions in.

In addition, as BEDAF is an international accreditation body, depending on the applicant institution’s functioning area(s), it takes into account all globally recognised standards such as;